Monday, October 05, 2015

Post Cubbins: Hat 508 - Ghana But Not Forgotten Edition

Baseball-style cap in purple and gold Kente cloth with black crown button and black interior. This fantastic cap was procured for me by my sister-in-law Kathleen during her trip to Ghana last month -- and handed over personally while I was in New York City in advance of my Berlin trip.

Kathleen explained that the colors used in Kente cloth have a symbolic meaning, and my recollection (aided, in part, by this run-down on Wikipedia) is that the gold represents royalty and / or spiritual purity and the purple is associated with femininity (and therefore often worn by women).

While I've been known to rock my spiritual and feminine side from time to time, what had initially caught Kathleen's eye was the fact these also happen to be the team colors of one of my favroite teams -- the Los Angeles Lakers.

So, in honor of the Lakers (who played -- and lost -- their first pre-season game of the year last night) and the start of a new work week (let's call it "millinery Monday," shall we?) I'm posting this nifty gifty of a cap.

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