Monday, September 25, 2023

First-Nameless Retired Postal Mascot Mr. Zip Turned 60 -- and Nobody Noticed

 Apparently the U.S. Postal Service's cartoon mascot, Mr. ZIP, who was pressed into service on July 1, 1963, to help promote the new-fangled idea called a ZIP Code (the ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan, FYI) notched the 60-year mark this summer -- and nobody seemed to notice.

Perhaps that's because nobody is familiar with Mr. ZIP --- since he was put out to pasture with semi-retirement in 1983 with full retirement following in 1986. The above image has some additional informastion about his history. My favorite part? He has no first first name. I think he deserves one. What should it be? 

My vote is for "Benjamin" -- in honor of the first Postmaster General, Benjamin Franklin, appointed in 1775.