Monday, July 24, 2006

Richard Hatch to Star in "Survivor: Oklahoma City"

HOLLYWOOD — Richard Hatch, known to scores of TV viewers as "the fat, naked guy" who won the first season of "Survivor" is headed to the slammer according to Associated Press reports. The Newport, R.I. resident will serve a 51-month term at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City for lying in court about income he won from the show.
According to sources, the wily and resourceful reality-show contestant is looking forward to his first immunity challenge -- the cellblock wedding to "Frida" -- a three-time lifer with a penchant for Pall Malls.
The season will begin taping for a dual run on CBS and Court TV channel as soon as "Survivor" host Jeff Probst can get arrested in this town. -- A.T.

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