Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Band "Elastic Loaves" Forced to Sue Iran for Trademark Infringement

Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural organizations to use Persian words and phrases in place of foreign ones it was recently reported.
The most commonly cited example of the last news cycle was the use of the phrase "elastic loaves" to replace the word "pizza."
The peculiar word choice has had an unintended effect on a Brockport, New York, psychedelic muscial concern which has performed as "The Elastic Loaves" for the last 40 years. "Our site's been getting hits like crazy," said theremin player Derek "Cully" Cullinan. "We have attracted this amount of attention since we released our debut album 'Roadkill/Landfill' in '65."
Despite the media attention, Cullinan says he and 39 of the 41 members of the musical collective have decided to sue Iran for trademark infringement. "It doesn't seem right that we've kneaded the dough and let it rise all these years and this guy Sinbad comes in and punches it down." Cullian said the conch shell player and didgeridooist have opted out, electing to pursue legal action separately.
Barring a prohibition on Iran's use of the term, the Elastic Loaves hope a monetary settlement wil allow them to release their second album sometime next year. "But by then we may have to call ourselves 'Pizza'," mused Cullinan.

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