Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Project Cubbins: Hat 373 - Not So Silent T Edition

Rare photographic evidence of the other two amigos, Tom Curwen (left) and Chris Reynolds (right).

Day 373 / Hat 373: Blue baseball cap with stylized embroidered capital letter "T" on front in white with red edging.Additional details include adjustable Velcro strap, red button on top of crown and red, white and blue embroidered "Team MLB" logo on wearer's left side of crown.

Interior tag reads: "Team MLB, made in Bangladesh" on left side and: "by OC Sports, official licensee of MLB, Youth" on right.

The "youth" part refers to the size as this hat was plucked from the MRBOH and it belongs to Marilyn's son Javier (whose other youth baseball team lid was featured at PC 362).

When I plopped this lid atop my head and readied for the daily snap, my fellow cube farmer Tom Curwen asked: "What's the T stand for?" In response  I made my obligatory joke about it being a silent T (since, as you all well know, the T in my last name is not pronounced -- or pronounced the way anyone in this country would pronounce a T).

To which my other fellow cube farmer, Chris Reynolds, immediately parried and thrust thusly with his rapier wit: "If it's a silent T then why are YOU wearing it?"

I suppose they don't call Tom, Chris and I "the Three Amigos of Baja Features" for nothin'. (Well, in actuality no one  calls us that. Except us. And then only when we're alone.)

And face it - there are no truly silent Ts. And to answer the Curwen query, the T stands for "Texas" as in "Texas Rangers."

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