Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Nine

Day Nine / Hat Nine: Old Navy brown corduroy baseball-style cap with VERMONT '79 spelled out in orange and white embroidery.

The bride bought me this hat several years ago and it makes me laugh since I'm pretty sure I'm one of the very few wearers of said cap that actually remembers Vermont in 1979. If my math serves me correctly, I was still a freshman at Arlington Memorial High School and had yet to darken the doorstep of  Vermont Academy.

If you were there, what were you doing?

And yes, as a side note, it is another baseball cap. Trust me, you're going to see a lot of repeat silhouettes/styles before this is all done, but no repeat hats. But there's also some fun stuff queued up on the hat rack.  Oh, and if anyone has access to an antique diving helmet like the one at right, a co-worker brought up the idea and now I'm hooked on it.


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Sprintin said...

Adam, do you still have the "Vermont '79" hat...?