Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Twenty-One

Day Twenty-One / Hat Twenty-One: A vintage Borsalino fedora belonging to one Dan Fredman, which he purchased "probably 20 years ago in Pismo Beach."

The photo itself was also taken by Fredman in the Malibu vineyard of dear friend Michalene Busico earlier this afternoon. It should be noted that Dan was game to loan his lid AND snap the photo despite the fact that we'd met for the first time less than an hour before.

You can get a sense of the slope of the vineyard (which is growing Syrah grapes, if I'm not mistaken) by noting the structure in the far upper left of the photo at right -- that's the canopy over the porch of the house.

There will no doubt be more borrowed-lid shots before Project Cubbins has run its course, but Dan has the distinction of being the first.

To you I say: "Huzzah, good sir!"

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