Sunday, June 02, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Seven

Day Seven / Hat Seven: Since it's Sunday I thought I'd go with one of the fun ones.

Meet what's known around these parts as "the baby hat." No one is quite sure where it originally came from but it's been part of the collection for quite some time and is a definitely an infant-appropriate chapeau.

This hat is light gray cotton and screen-printed with the words: "The Silverspoon Baby" (which you can't see) on one side) and "I was born with one" on the other (if you look hard enough you can make out the words "born with" in the above photo.

It is most often worn for comic effect but, due to its natural absorbency, has, in a pinch, been substituted for a sweat band when hitting the Garlodge gym.

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