Friday, June 07, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Twelve

Day 12 / Hat Twelve: Maybe it's the rapidly approaching weekend, but Fridays are turning out to be the freaky hat day. Case in point; the faux Egyptian headdress with gold metallic and black stripes and gold hooded cobra detail.

I can't recall the specific provenance of this lid, though I suspect it had something to do with a museum gift shop. The tag reads: "Little Daydreamers by Elope" and describes the material as polyethelene foam and polyester fibers.

A quick search turned up this Kid's King Tut hat. How did I end up with that one instead of the adult version? I'd like to think it was an homage to the boy king - but it probably wasn't.

A special hat for a special day, indeed.

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