Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Twenty-Three

Day Twenty-Three / Hat Twenty-Three: Stormy  Kromer Mackinaw Cap (100% wool exterior, 100% cotton lining, "made in U.S.A. in Upper Michigan's Upper Peninsula of Imported Parts").

This is a special hat indeed -- and not just because the description at Stormy Kromer's website describes it as a "heavy-duty head furnace," but also because it marks the first hat in the Noelle series, named in honor of  my co-worker Noelle Carter who has graciously loaned her own extensive and eclectic collection of head gear (two bags full!) to the cause. (As I've already mentioned, I've got hats -- but nowhere near enough to close out Project Cubbins without some loaners. I cribbed my first lid from Dan Fredman on Sunday.)

Look for more from her collection  for the NC Series in the coming days -- except for her turkey hat -- because I've got the same one and I'm hoping we'll BOTH wear them for a Project Cubbins entry closer to Thanksgiving.

Noelle, I tip my head furnace to you.

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