Saturday, July 06, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Forty-One

Day Forty-One / Hat Forty-One: 100% cotton, made in China pink paisley Tommy Hilfiger bandana with
"Casual Friday" embroidered in lower right corner and held in place by a red, white and blue terrycloth sweatband.

The bandana's use as what's colloquially referred to as a "do-rag" was inspired by Peter Stigter, one of the photographers I got to know while covering the men's European runway shows, and who was rarely seen (in the summer months anyway) without something similar atop his head. (There's a good shot of him in just such a do-rag at his website here.)

Did you know that etymologically, it's the colors and spots that make it a bandana (also frequently spelled "bandanna")? That's what the Online Etymology Dictionary says anyway: "from Hindi bandhnu, a method of dyeing, from Sanskrit badhnati "binds" (because the cloth is tied like modern tie-dye)."

This particular bandana came from the 2011 Tommy Hilfiger Prep World pop-up at the Grove.That it perfectly matches my hat number index card is coincidence.

Or is it?

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