Sunday, July 28, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Sixty-Three

Clockwise from left, Adam waxing Thompsonesque in Hat 63, Hunter S. Thompson in a blue visor, Johnny Depp in a green visor.
Day Sixty-Three / Hat Sixty-Three: Green transparent and white opaque plastic visor accessorized with black plastic telescoping  cigarette holder (from the Bride's Cruella De Vil costume of several Halloweens back)  to achieve a pseudo Hunter S. Thompsonesque vibe.

For those of you who didn't know, I'm a huge fan of Thompson's work and he was one of the reasons I ultimately decided to pursue a career in journalism. I actually even had a chance to meet him once (well, shake his hand at any rate) when he came to the Viper Room in West Hollywood to give a talk.

The most distinct memory I have is seeing him pull up outside with Johnny Depp and John Cusack in a huge convertible, holding an inflatable doll by one heel as it bobbed and flapped out of the back of the car like a child's kite.(Here's a link to photographic evidence someone else has posted on the Internet). I don't know exactly when that was, but according to this non-official fan site of the Viper Room, it was in September 1996.

That would make sense since the other thing I remember is that within 24 hours of shaking Thompson's hand, I shook then First Lady Hillary Clinton's hand during a Rock the Vote appearance at the 8000 Sunset shopping center, where she was campaigning for her husband who would win his second term that November.


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