Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Sixty-Five

Day Sixty-Five / Hat Sixty-Five: Red with white trim, 100% polyester, tri-tipped jester's cap. Interior tag
reads: "2009 Prima Creations, Inc. Yorba Linda, CA, Made in China." On loan from the NC Headgear Archive.

If this hat looks vaguely familiar, that's because it is sort of like (but totally different in color from) Hat 37 (which also hails from the NC Series). That one has a sort of summer/fall look, while this one is full winter holiday season. The way I look at it, take the two of them together and you've got ... wait for it ... a pair of jokers.

PC 64: Grace's Rainbow
PC 63: A Hunter We Will Go
PC 3: A Dash of 'Stache Panache

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