Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Thirty-Eight

Day Thirty-Eight / Hat Thirty-Eight : 100% cotton, khaki-colored baseball-style cap with cat silhouette
embroidery in black above embroidered slogan that reads: "Throw your tails in the air." Additional orange embroidery on the back of the hat reads: "ASPCA we are their voice."

This hat was a gift from my father-in-law (otherwise known as "the Admiral"). Make of that what you will  -- the tail-throwing and all -- but rest assured that the mental image you immediately conjured up of me in full feline downward dog (which, I apologize, you will most likely now carry with you forever) is more than offset by knowing there are many a cat and cat shelter whose lives have been bettered thanks to the Admiral's beneficence.

I just went to the ASPCA's website to see if this particular hat was still available. While it is not, I did find this one that would certainly be an appropriate candidate for Project Cubbins at some point down the line.

Your move, Admiral.

PC 37: Corporate jester
PC 36: You the dog now, man!
PC 34: Turban Frau Boy

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