Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Fifty-Three

Day Fifty-Three / Hat Fifty-Three: Vintage pink felt lady's hat with pink feather and jewel flourish. Tag inside reads: "Evelyn Varon model" with size tag that reads: "22."

This hat is the first of promising collection of vintage women's hats owned by my sister-in-law (the wife's sister not the brother's wife) and housed at the All Pine long-term storage quarters. A quick web search reveals that Evelyn Varon was a French milliner of some renown (comments to this post at Collecters Weekly indicate she designed costumes for the 1922 Broadway Play "Pins and Needles.")

PC 52: Tschorn in a Tricorne
PC 24: Croc Top Cookin'
PC 13: A Boar-a and a Fedora

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