Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Sixty-Six

Day Sixty-Six / Hat Sixty-Six: Black leather kepi wth interior tags that read: "NorthBound Leather," and "Made in / fait au Canada," one of the NC series loaners to the Project.

I think it makes me look like a bad-ass Civil War soldier, but when I plopped this on my head this morning, though the intern  in the next cube (who, at this moment shall remain nameless) remarked that it seemed like all that was missing was a ball gag.

A quick web search turned up this site for the label, which is described as "[ma]kers of fine leather clothing, lingerie and kinky dungeon gear (and that's why the intern is remaining nameless).

Oh, and should you want fancy one of these bad boys for your own hat rack, you can buy one here for the princely sum of $88.

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