Saturday, April 05, 2014

Project Cubbins: Hat 314 - Sly Turk Edition

I borrowed today's hat (left) from this pasty chap (right) who also happens to share my distinctive haircut.

Day 314 / Hat 314: Straw fedora with open weave crown, blue contrast edging and predominantly blue grosgrain hatband detail with bow, feather and crown emblem. Interior tags read: "Christy's Crown Series" and "made in China." Hangtag reads: "style no. CCS714-NAT." While I couldn't find that exact one online,this one is similar but for the hatband detail.

Stealth-snapped today at the Trina Turk boutique on Third Street while accompanying the Bride on a shopping/foraging/top-acquisition mission. I don't feel bad about the stealth snap as the Bride did end up making a purchase -- and, for the record, I had fully intended to buy a lid, but just wasn't able to find one to my liking.

PC 313: Naughty Lamb
PC 312: Brown Burlapish
PC 311: Yellow Dot
Trina Turk pairs up with Banana Republic

Q: OK, nice hat -- but what exactly is Project Cubbins, anyway?

A: One man's homage to Dr. Seuss and his second book, "The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins," which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its publication in 2013, Project Cubbins is an attempt to document the wearing of a different hat or piece of headgear every day for 500 consecutive days. No do-aheads, no banking of hats, no retroactive entries. PC started on May 27, 2013 with Hat 1
Got hats? If you loan 'em, you'll get e'm back safe and sound!

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