Saturday, September 07, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 104 - Talking to Strangers Edition

Day 104 / Hat 104: Blue woven straw fedora with black and green grosgrain ribbon detail. Interior tags read: "Made in China" and "The Children's Place."

This hat belongs to 9-year-old Robert Guterl whom I met horsing around by the elevators at my hotel earlier today. (And yes, we were both horsing around.)

After complimenting him in his hat and properly introducing myself to his supervisory adult (whom I assume to be his mom) I explained my hat quest. 

Wouldn't you know it, the young lad, whose family was in town to participate in a cancer walk, was gracious enough to loan his lid to the cause. 

A sincere thanks and tip o' the hat to Robert (that's him in the photo at right) and his family. 

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