Friday, September 13, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 110 - Stealth Croaker Edition

Day 110 / Hat 110: Printed velvet and sequin fabric "Croaker" style froggy hat by Elope. I stealth-snapped
this amphibi-lid on the fly this afternoon at E.A.T. Gifts at 1062 Madison Avenue.

The Bride and I stopped by the store, which my mother would absolutely love ("It's elf-bag central," the Bride noted) while we were shopping our way from the Guggenheim Museum where we saw the James Turrell exhibition (now we're only a Houston exhibition and a Roden Crater away from filling out our Turrell punch card) over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I got a serious case of helmet envy while touring the Arms & Armor section.

PC 109: New Amsterdam State o' Mind
PC 108: Lid for the Links
PC 10: Allium Sativum Cranium

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