Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 121: 'Wait 'Til They Get a Loden Me' Edition

Day 121 / Hat 121: Loden-colored wool felt hat with matching grosgrain ribbon hatband and khaki-colored
interior sweatband stamped: "Orvis."

Interior tag reads: "100% Wool/Lana/Laine, Large/Grande," and interior of crown printed with the words: "Made in the USA - Packable - Water Repellent, Lite Felt, The Original."

This bad boy came from the Orvis flagship store in Manchester, Vermont, you might even say I drove over and picked it up myself. (and if you fancy one for your own bad self -- so we can be twinsies -- click through  to buy one here).

Trivia time: Did you know that while these days the word "loden" is used to denote a particular shade of darker-than-olive-but-lighter-than-mossy green (somewhere perhaps just a tad deeper in the woods than forest green), etymologically it's derived from a German word that means "thick woolen cloth."

While at first glance it may not appear to be a very symbolic hat (compared to, say, a child's pirate hat, or a cap fashioned out of newspaper), make no mistake about it, when it comes to the hats I wear on a regular basis, pulling this one out of deep storage marks a seasonal switch.

'Tis no longer a high summer sun that beats down upon my brow, but a peculiar autumnal beast  breathing down my neck, doing nothing to improve my mood -- beyond deepening my resolve to soldier forward.

PC 117: Toques for Two
PC 33: Keep on Cluckin' Edition
Orvis launches Theodore Roosevelt Collection

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