Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat One Hundred - Triple Digit Edition

Day One Hundred / Hat One Hundred: It's a big day here at Project Cubbins HQ as I chart my one hundredth hat on the way to wearing 500 hats in 500 days.

To mark the occasion, I've chosen a natty straw boater with be and red grosgrain ribbon detail. Interior tags read: "Genuine Panama hand woven in Ecuador," "Capas Headwear N.Y." and: "Meyer the Hatter" (the full contents of the latter tag can be seen in the above photo.) The ht is officially referred to at Meyer's site as the "Capas Panama Skimmer" and described this way: "The Panama Skimmer gives you the stylish Boater Style in a lighter Panama weight."

I bought this hat over Memorial Day Weekend of 2012 during a trip to New Orleans for the wedding of our friends Tiffany and Wayne. The friendly fellow who assisted me in finding this fine-looking, perfectly me piece of headgear plucked from amidst the hatter's extensive floor-to-ceiling holdings was Chris Meyer, whose business card proudly reads: "5th generation hat man."

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