Thursday, September 19, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 116: Head in the Headlines Edition

Day 116 / Hat 116: Child-size newspaper party hat folded from the front page of the August 18, 2013, edition of the Los Angeles Times, with purple index card and black Sharpie detail that reads: "Mr. Wheat, #116."

Somewhere over the course of the last 100 hats, my brother Al (you may remember him from PC 84: Flowers in the Hair Edition) asked if the Project took special requests.

"Like what?" I responded.

"Well, like those hats you make out of newspaper," he said.

"Sure, I suppose I could do that -- I'll put it on the list."

Today seemed as good  a day as any to keep my head in the game and honor my first special request. I found the instructions for this particular hat at a site called Skip to My Lou but there are versions scattered all over the interwebs.

As for the "Mr. Wheat" designation? Ages ago after watching an SNL sketch in which Buckwheat from "The Little Rascals" (played by Eddie Murphy) gets shot, Al and I started reciting lines from it. Eventually the whole sketch was distilled down to "Hey Mr. Wheat!"

On my mind literally and figuratively, today's tip o' the hat goes to the incomparable Mr. Wheat himself.

As Buckwheat (or at least Eddie Murphy playing Buckwheat) might say: "I nub nou! I nub nou!"

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Nancy Tschorn said...

Thanks, Adam...

Unknown said...

Not a bad hat at all . . .a true wall hanger, too :)