Sunday, September 08, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 105 - Feelin' Blueberry Edition

Me (left) with Biswa Thapa (right)
Day 105 / Hat 105: Handmade, multicolored felt hat with blue berry and green stem detail on crown, with white scalloped brim and pink felt hatband. Courtesy of Biswa Thapa and his Crystal Art and Craft Design Nepalese crafts and accessories store.

I happened upon Biswa's business at 439 9th Ave. (between 37th and 38th Street) while enroute to the Band of Outsiders show today.

After purchasing a hat (which you'll likely see sooner than later), I explained my quest to Biswa who offered to let me photograph myself -- and him -- for another installment, essentially turning the purchase into a twofer. How awesome is that?

This fellow has some serious hats in stock, and I plan to keep him in mind if I find myself in another Manhattan "hatmergency."

In the meantime, I tip today's hat to Biswa for his kindness -- he made me berry, berry happy.

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PC 102: Hot Rod Keenan

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