Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 125 - Big Bear & Bevier Edition

Day 125 / Hat 125: Plush bear hat courtesy of Mary Hepburn (fave high school faculty member/art teacher/potter/Amy's mom) with photobomb courtesy of Rob Bevier fellow Vermont Academy Class of '83 alumnus - at our 30th reunion homecoming barn party.

Mary was kind enough to have three headgear choices to choose from lined up on the table upon my arrival (if there's a word that means "hat smorgasbord" I would be using it here).

I hastily posted the original selfie with hat (at left) from the 30th-reunion shindig in Mary's backyard because my cellphone power was dwindling and midnight was rapidly approaching. But the photo at right, snapped by classmate Ami Lai (nee Schlirf) is truly awesome since it captures the photobomb as it dropped.

There two tips o' the hat today - one to Mary for the hat, and one to Bevier and the rest of my classmates who indulge my hat-focused whimsy.

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