Sunday, September 01, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Ninety-Eight - Whale Tale Edition

Day Ninety-Eight / Hat Ninety-Eight: Trucker style hat with blue mesh back, red bill and white foam front with black printing that reads: "What time is it? Happy Hour!" accompanied by a mustachioed whale wearing a sailor's cap that is itself printed with the words: "The Soul Project." (The only thing that could make this any more meta would be for me to be sporting a 'stache as well ...)

The whale's name is Don Beuno and he's the "goodwhale ambassador" for the fledgling socially conscious brand co-founded by Don and Summer Meek. I first met Don back in my DNR days (I think it was during one of the crazy Surf Summit trips to Mexico) and our paths have crossed several times since then -- including at last summer's Launch LA trade show at Santa Monica Airport's Barker Hangar.

The Soul Project, which team Meek describe as "an apparel company with a purpose" is their latest endeavor and you can read more about at the label's website.

And if you want a whale of a hat -- like mine -- you can buy one here.

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