Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 108 - Playing Through Edition

Day 108 / Hat 108: Navy blue waterproof bucket hat with stylized "BB" (for Brooks Brothers) logo on front, Gore-Tex logo on back and "Zero Restriction" on the inside lining.

I spied this hat in the golfing section of the Brooks Brothers flagship at 346 Madison Avenue when I popped in earlier today to preview the brand's Spring 2014 collection. Not only did they allow me to use said hat for Project Cubbins, they let me grab a golf club and use their swanky golf simulator as a backdrop.

Which means today's tip o' the hat obviously goes to the kind folks at Brooks Brothers.


PC 107: Camo-loading
PC 105: Fine, felted fruit
PC 104: Talkin' to Strangers

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