Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Project Cubbins: Hat 241- Six Degrees of Domo Edition

Day 241 / Hat 241: Brown polar fleece, trapper-style hat with multi-color embroidered mouth and eyes detail. Interior tag reads: "Domo."

[Updated 1/23: My sister-in-law sent along this link that explains a little bit about Domo. My favorite characteristics? He loves watching television and is known for passing gas when he gets nervous. He also has a fear of apples, since his ancestors became extinct after eating them.)

This hat comes to the Project from a kind and generous soul with whom I had the pleasure of speaking during a quick road trip ("road trip!") to Rutland (aka "Rut-Vegas") today to pick up a folder full of paperwork my folks left behind (dad blames mom, mom faults dad) at the Rutland Regional Medical Center. 

Mystery Donor (despite her generosity in the hat department she kindly ask that her name not be used) told me she was actually born at the Rutland Regional Medical Center. In response, I told her that it reminded me of one of my favorite Vermonter jokes, which goes something like this:

"Flat Lander to Vermonter on the opposite side of a  early impassable mid mud season road:'Excuse me, sir! How did you get over there?' 

Vermonter to Flat Lander: 'Born here.' 

Flat Lander: 'Have you lived there your whole life?'

Vermonter: 'Not yet.'

Oh, and the "six degrees" mentioned in the post title isn't just for alliteration's sake, that's what the temperature was in Rutland today (yes Fahrenheit) - It's currently hovering at the zero mark and last night the mercury plunged to ten degrees below zero outside the window. That's why I had to shoot the photo inside the car. 

So a hat tip on a road trip to the Rutland-born Cubbins contributor. 

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