Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Eighty - the Gardening Edition

Day Eighty / Hat Eighty: Light brown, wide-brimmed, braided fabric gardening hat with brown cloth lanyard
and wooden bead detail and elastic inner band with interior tag that reads: "Sloggers," courtesy of the NC Series.

Based on my preliminary research, the above hat appears to be a lighter-colored version of this hat currently available at the label's website.

I haven't gardened in years and, in a recent conversation with my sister, came to the realization that we both have the same odd childhood memories of being charged with picking beetles off the potato (or was it tomato?) plants and dropping them into a coffee can half full of kerosene.

An early kind of organic gardening to be sure but who gives a five-year-old kid a can of kerosene?

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Headwear Assn. hat handout highlights sun protection

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