Saturday, August 24, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Ninety - the Boast Edition

Day Ninety / Hat Ninety: Navy blue, 100% cotton  bucket hat with navy blue ribbon detail embroidered with Boast's logo in green. Interior tags reads "made in Peru," and "BOAST."

In case you thought it was something else entirely, Boast's party line is that its logo is actually a Japanese maple leaf (binomial name acer palmatum).

The bride and I bought this hat barely a few hours ago at Boast's freshly popped Los Angeles pop-up at 8366 1/2 West Third Street (between Sweetzer and Orlando) where we had the distinction of making the very first purchase of the brand's month-long local run.

Not to, you know, boast or anything ...

Boast is back in play
Andy Spade is old-school cool
PC 89: Stealth-Snapped Chevy

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