Sunday, August 04, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Seventy

Day Seventy / Hat Seventy: Green and silver metallic cardboard top hat with the words: "Happy New Year!" on front. This hat is a most special addition to the Project for two reasons. The first (and least exciting) is that the photo was snapped about 12:05 a.m. this morning, which makes it the earliest-ever I've chosen the day's hat. (Note that I'm trying to be a purist here, capturing exactly one piece of headgear a day -- no banking of lids.)

But the really special reason is that this hat belongs to (and was shot in the kitchen of) our friends Heather (aka the Foodinista) and John, and it was the party hat John was sporting at the Lucques New Year's eve dinner party the year he popped the question to Heather. If you look carefully enough at the above photo, you'll notice the dinner menu from that very special night is framed and hanging on the wall of their kitchen just behind me.

Oh, and that piece of paper I'm holding up with the number 70 on it? That's  a piece of artwork created by their son George (numerals hastily added by his mom), which makes this addition to the Project a full-on family project -- and all the more special.

PC 69: Wearing my Heart on my Head 
PC 49: Wearing my 12-pack on my Head
PC 29: Wearing Polka-Dotted Polar Fleece on my Head

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