Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Ninety-Six - Warm and Fezzy Edition

Day Ninety-Six / Hat Ninety-Six: Swirly textured ruby red velvet fez with embroidered  Moai detail,
black tassel and black, diamond-quilted interior and "Fez-o-rama" in white contrast stitching inside the crown.

The second of the two fezzes in my  personal at collection (the first one was added to the Project as Hat Seventeen), this fez was purchased while on assignment covering Tiki Oasis 9 in San Diego.

I had the honor of purchasing it from the fez maker himself - a gent named Jason Rodgers (aka "Fezmonger"), who affixed the tassel on the spot.

It spends most of its days occupying a place of honor in the Garlodge -- being worn by my moderately priced, freestanding wooden tiki.

If it ever finishes getting its degree from Tiki Technical College, we'll be sure to move the tassel over to the other side.

PC 95: In the Navy ... Hat
The Image Photo Booth: Tiki Oasis 9
Fezzes and Other Fashion Finds at Tiki Oasis 9

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