Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat Seventy-Two

Day Seventy-Two / Hat Seventy-Two: 100% cotton, made in Bangladesh baseball-style cap in olive green with khaki contrast stitching and embroidered Phish logo on front.

A brand-new fresh purchase from last night's show at the Hollywood Bowl. As some of you may know, my years at UVM coincided with the band's formation there, and I crossed paths with them from time to time (if memory serves me correctly, Mike Gordon and I were in the same small business management class) and I have fond memories of hearing them play first at Nectar's and later at a place called the the Front.

PC 62: The Crochet Kid
PC 32: Gone to Grace Land
PC 2: Tyrolean Hobo Chic

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Unknown said...

Adam! Curious if you would Part with this hat. Long story. I’ve owned two. I need to replace current. Help!