Saturday, March 29, 2014

Project Cubbins: Hat 307 - (Siberian) Husky Boy Edition

Day 307 / Hat 307: Gray and white novelty cap in the shape and coloration of a Siberian Husky (at least that's the breed it appears to be to my non-dog-specific eye) with black plastic eye lids (set with black and light blue plastic eyeballs) and black plastic nosepad.

Interior tag reads: "All new material consisting of 100% polyester and plastic pellets, made in China, Green Trading Co., USA, CA," and hangtag reads: "Bear Paw Plush," on one side and: "Surface washable, tumble dry, not for under 3 years of age," on the other.

Purchased specifically for the Project earlier today at a store in the Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax because it reminded me of the 16 residents of  Tsan Tsulan, my brother Al's (and sister-in-law Suzanne's) kennel of canines. (I think the tally is currently 16 -- at least that's the current tally at the website -- where you can meet each of the dogs.)

I'm not sure how Al's dogs would react if they saw me sporting this hat -- I do know the two cats who share our abode here are none to pleased with me as I walked around the house with it atop my head. I'm sure whatever the response, it would be an interesting exercise in pack dynamics.

Today's honorary hat-tip goes to the four-footed friends of Al & Suzanne -- and all Siberian Huskies wherever they roam and whomever's sled they're pulling.

PC 306: Climacoolio
PC 305: Cockaded Cap
PC 304: Opportunities

Q: OK, nice hat -- but what exactly is Project Cubbins, anyway?

A: One man's homage to Dr. Seuss and his second book, "The 500 Hats of Bartholemew Cubbins," which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its publication in 2013, Project Cubbins is an attempt to document the wearing of a different hat or piece of headgear every day for 500 consecutive days. No do-aheads, no banking of hats, no retroactive entries. PC started on May 27, 2013 with Hat 1
Got hats? If you loan 'em, you'll get e'm back safe and sound!

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