Friday, February 14, 2014

Project Cubbins: Hat 264 - Vermont on my Mind Again/Still Edition

Day 264 / Hat 264: Olive drab colored bucket hat with green, oval-shaped "VT" embroidery.  Interior
tag reads:"Pierce Dist. S. Burlington, VT 05403, 100% cotton, made in Hong Kong." 

Another loaner from the SJTBOH, I'm not sure of the ultimate provenance of this bucket hat but the interior tag makes me think it either had something to do with the annual Vermont Grocers Association tradeshow or, more likely, ended up in sister Sue's possession by way of my parents' store as they stock all manner of Vermont-related souvenir (and it would make sense that the souvenirs would be wholesaled through Pierce). 

I picked this hat because, once again, Vermont has been very much on my mind so putting the 802 on my mind symbolically just seemed right. 

And because the hat's donor, my baby sister Sue, deserves a bucket load of hat tips for doing serious yeoman's duty on the family front. 

Seems like just the other day we were kids, horsing around and pushing each other through glass doors (OK it was just me who pushed her, but you get the idea) and now we're all grown up and trying like the devil to keep the Tschorn ship ship-shape (try saying that five times fast!). 

So here's to you, Sue!

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