Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 128 - Skywalker Firefighter Edition

Me and hat 128 (left),  Ben (center) and Addie (right) Boucher at Skywalker Ranch in 2008

Day 128 / Hat 128: Red plastic firefighter's helmet with white badge detail on front that reads: "Junior Firefighter Skywalker Fire Department," and yellow badge detail on the back.

Project Cubbins has gained enough traction that some really cool hats are making their way to me -- and this hat is a perfect example. It is on limited loan (and when I say limited I mean like five minutes tops) from the Family Boucher (mom Tracy works within earshot of me, dad Geoff is a former LAT colleague whose various projects and pieces make him the hands-down Alpha Dad of the "Guess what my father does?" conversation).

Tracy told me that the hats are the kind of memento a kid might get after visiting George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, California -- as their kids when the family made the visit to the 5,156 acre spread in 2008 while Geoff was working on an LAT magazine piece about the place (there's a link to the story below).

[He writes in the piece: "My wife, Tracy, and our two kids, Addie and Ben, come up on my third day at Skywalker to see the place. (How could I tell my 10- and 6-year-olds, "Wait at home while I go to Skywalker Ranch"?)]

GB wangled unparalleled access for someone of our ink-stained ilk and the result is a wondrous account of the place, its secrets and its magic.. Here's a description that pertains to the firefighters:

"The Skywalker firefighters do more than put out brush fires; they handle overnight guest services for lodgers at the inn, and they often zip guests up to the Main House or Technical Building in one of their smaller trucks."

But the most tantalizing factoid Boucher drops about the place -  at least as it pertains to the Project - is the iconic piece of cinema headgear that is part of the Skywalker Ranch holdings: Indiana Jones' hat.

Hat number 500, anyone?

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