Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project Cubbins: Hat 171 - Trout College Edition

Day 171 / Hat 171: Navy blue, 100% polyester baseball style cap with multi-colored trout embroidery detail above the words: "Trout Cottage, Lumsden, New Zealand" in white embroidery.

This was from a three-hat package that arrived from my sister-in-law in Vermont yesterday (my wife's sister, not my brother's wife). When I first looked at this one, I misread it as "Trout College" -- which made me laugh.

It also made me wonder what trout college would be like. I imagine l'il trouts swimming off to classes like "Geography 5: Riffles, Runs and Pools," "History 101: Upstream" and "English 220: Horror Fiction: Hook Line and Sinker" with their JanSport backpacks tucked under a fin.

As for Trout Cottage proper? My cursory search of the interwebs (she probably knew I'd do that) turned up a likely suspect described in this 2010 description of a fly fishing trip at Fly Odyssey:

"Week one which was based out of Simon Chu's TROUT COTTAGE in Lumsden. Trout cottage is a little fly fishing hut in Lumsden and provides an ideal base for traveling anglers. Full of NZ associated fly fishing memorabilia it sets the scene for a week fishing Southland. Lumsden is in the heart of some of Southland's best fly fishing country with rivers such as the Mataura and Oreti and their associated tributaries a short drive away."

Yeah, I took the bait.

Update: Since my wife had originally opened the package, I didn't realize there was an explanatory note accompanying the hats, which explained said lids were from one Phil Monahan. So today's hat tip -- for the whole hat-trick -- goes to Phil. Huzzah!  


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